There are a lot of holidays the month of September! Labor Day, National Grandparent's Day, National Women's Business Day, and on a more serious and very important note, September 11th. A a day of remembrance, a day to look back and honor everyone who was affected by this tragic event, and also to say thank you to the brave men and women who serve our country to keep this great nation free.
On a brighter note, did you know that September is Self-Improvement Month? This month, before the rush of the holiday season begins, do something for you. There are always ways we can improve ourselves, here are a few suggestions: Do something nice for someone else; it will make you both feel good! Exercise! It will make you feel great both mentally and physically. Don’t let negativity suck the life out of you. Change your negative thoughts to positive. Negativity is like a bad rash, it spreads everywhere! Manage your stress. Massage therapy and spa treatments are the perfect complement to any stress management plan.  Have Fun! Take time for yourself to do the things you enjoy. Have lunch with a friend, learn something new, re-decorate a room, anything that brings you a sense of well-being and satisfaction is always good for the soul. We have some really “good for the soul” spa treatment specials this month that we are so excited about! We can’t wait to see you!

Have a fabulous September!



Makeup Mistakes to Avoid

In most cases, unless you are a model or an actress, makeup is meant to accentuate our best features and conceal our worst. Here are a few tips to creating a perfect, naturally seamless makeup application.

5 mistakes to avoid regarding your makeup:

1. Base/Foundation
Foundation is meant to smooth out your skin tone and hide imperfections. Overdoing it will just make things worse. The first 2 steps to a perfect foundation application is your moisturizer, then face primer. Next, make sure you have the correct color. To see if it’s a good match, test it on the lower part of your face right down over the jaw and onto the neck just a little. If you can see color at all, it’s the wrong color. If you need help, come to the spa and let us do a color match with you. This will ensure that you have the right color and type of foundation that is best for your skin type.

2. Frosty Eye Shadow
Metallic and shimmery shades are nice, but be careful! Sometimes too much can make your eyes look tired and will accentuate any lines around the eyes. Use these mainly for highlighting your brow bone, or if you have very deep set eyes. You can use just a little bit of shimmery eye shadow in the crease to brighten the eyes and make them pop.

3. Blush Mishaps
Blush is used to contour the face and accentuate the cheek bones. It should be applied right under your cheek bone and then slightly up and back towards the middle of the ear. If blush is applied too high, it will just look like you have something pink smeared on your face and it won’t look blended or natural. For a really natural look, choose bronzer and apply just a little bit lightly over the apples of your cheeks, bridge of nose and forehead.

4. Lipstick
If you’re ever in a hurry, just a quick application of your base, with the right lip shade, is all you need! Have fun with your lipstick and try different shades, or opt for lip gloss or sheer lip color (GloMinerals has beautiful sheer lip colors that hydrate the lips and feel great!).
Be careful of the “long lasting” lip colors that promise to stay all day. These can be extremely drying and get “cakey” in your lip lines. It’s best to simply re-apply every now and then to keep it fresh.

5. The Same Old Look
Are you one of those people who apply their makeup the same way day after day, year after year? Don’t be afraid to try something new! It washes off! Also, if it’s been in your makeup drawer for more than a year and you haven’t used it; you probably aren’t going to use it! Throw it out to make room for something that you will use. Update your look when the seasons change. Visit the spa, bring all of your makeup and let us help you decide which makeup items are good to keep and which ones to replace. We can do a full makeup lesson, or just a simple application to show you what’s new.

Makeup looks best on healthy skin. If you find that you are constantly using your makeup to cover up flaws, or scars from picking at your flaws, you should really consider a series of facials to get your skin looking and functioning healthier.

Reserve a consultation to help you look your very best!


Another school year has started and many parents are preparing their kids for what we hope to be a great year. Yes, you will need the school supplies, the new shoes, and clothes but don’t forget about the most important part and that is your teen’s skin.

Many studies have been published regarding skin and acne with a recent study indicating that
85% of all teenagers struggle with acne and that acne affects over 50 million Americans.

When acne strikes adults and teens its effect can include low self-esteem, social isolation, loneliness and it can even cause anxiety, phobias or depression. It’s important to have an effective plan to combat acne and to overcome the harmful psychological effects it has on teenagers. Treating acne should be every teen and parent’s first line of defense. Here are tips on how to have acne free skin: This plan consists of two parts, (1) Spa Solutions and (2) Acne free home recipe.

First, you need to visit the spa for a skin consultation and have one of our Licensed Estheticians customize a series of acne treatments to help clear the skin.  This may include treatments such as: deep cleansing, acid peels, extractions, etc., but please know that there is no quick fix for acne. It’s a process and will require true dedication and commitment to the program to achieve optimum results. 

As for part two, the program requires a consistent home care regimen to continue the purification process in addition to the spa professional treatments. Your Esthetician will help you plan a budget friendly home care system to achieve the best results.
Whether you suffer from acne, your child or anyone you know, we invite you to receive a complimentary consultation. Let us help you or your teen regain self-confidence and obtain healthy looking skin so you both can have a great school year!



Q: I always thought that sun was good for the skin. Don’t we get from Vitamin D from the sun?

A: Yes, we do absorb some Vitamin D from the sun; however, if you let yourself get burned, it destroys all the vitamin D that your skin just absorbed! It only takes 15 minutes, maybe more depending on your skin type for your skin to absorb its “daily dose” of vitamin D. Any unprotected sunning after that will oxidize that vitamin D. The key is not to let your skin get burned, re-apply your sun screen at least every hour, take “shade breaks” and cool off when you start to feel yourself being “cooked”. As they say, everything in moderation!


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