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A Note From Jackie

jackieHappy June! Yes, the 21st of June is the official first day of summer!  Schools are out! Time to start planning fun weekends and/or vacations. 

Also, June 15th is Father's Day. We wrote a fun article asking, "Is Your Dad or Husband a Spa Virgin?"  Whether he is or not, we have some great gift ideas to give your dad and/or your husband.  Don't wait ‘til the last minute.  Plan in advance and make his day extra special!

Summer is a fun time of year! There are many activities and events to go to. Just remember not to overdo it and always make time to visit the spa!

We'll see you at the spa!

- Jackie

Featured Article

Happy Father's Day! Is Your Dad or Husband a Spa Virgin?

Men are finally realizing that the spa isn't just a place for their wife or girlfriend to get their nails done. It's a place of health and wellness for them too, and not only are more men coming in for the obvious sports or deep tissue massage, but there is an increase in men getting facials and MAN-icures as well. According to the International Spa Association, men now make up approximately one third of all spa-goers. Is your dad or husband one of them? If he's a spa virgin and a bit apprehensive to take the leap, here are a few good ways to convince him into a trip to the spa...

Gift Him! As they say, 'If you build it, they will come.' Well, in the case of a spa-fearing guy - 'If you gift him, he better come!' It's a safe bet that if you give dear ol' dad a gift card to the spa and explain to him how relaxing it will be, he probably won't want to offend you by not going. Better yet, create a special Father's Day package to show him how much you really care about his wellness, or go for the gold and gift him a spa membership to help him de-stress all year long. Call today to purchase his Father's Day gift!

Beard Care: Chances are your dad or husband probably thinks that facials are just for women. More men are realizing that exfoliating dead skin helps to expose their beard's hair follicles, which reduces ingrown hairs and is a great primer for a good, close shave. Of course, a good exfoliating facial will also make his skin look cleaner and smoother, and yes, younger! Check out our retail section for an exfoliating scrub and other skincare products for the man in your life.

Fungus Fighters: When talking dad into getting his feet and hands pampered, it might be a good idea to actually stay away from terms like "mani-pedi" and even "pampered." Dad needs to know that manicures and pedicures are not just for the girls, nor are they a "beauty" treatment. More importantly, it is about the health of your skin and nails. If you explain to your dad that MAN-icures and pedicures are just another way to be a well-groomed man, he might be more likely to come in to get his digits done. Explain to dad the importance that manicures make him more presentable (and that everyone loves a soft hand) and pedicures help fight off fungus infections, ingrown nails, and that ugly yellow tint you seen on unkempt toes.

Stress Relief:  Statistically, stress is a major contributor to many diseases and medical conditions including heart disease, high blood pressure, asthma, headaches, and depression. Remind dad that going to the spa - even just to soak in the Jacuzzi or sit in the sauna or steam room for 20 minutes - is a great way to relieve stress, relax, and decompress from a long hard workweek.

Detox Time:  It is impossible to avoid getting toxins into our system. Whether it's environmental or the food, drinks, and medications we take, we all take in toxins. Everyone needs to detox on a regular basis no matter how healthy they are. Let dad know that the spa is a great place for flushing the bad stuff from his system. He can choose from simply sitting in a sauna or steam room to sweat out the toxins that build up in our system or he can indulge in a detox wrap or detoxifying facial. Remind him that both saunas and steam rooms also help relax any stiff or sore muscles while relieving aches and pains.

So for this Father's Day, educate your father or husband on health, wellness, and relaxation benefits of the Spa! Treat him to a treatment, a full day, or sign him up for a yearly membership now!

Spa Promotions

Walkin' on Sunshine Pedicure!
Feet are immersed into a rich, creamy whole and coconut milk soak before being cleansed and gently scrubbed to perfection with a whipped sugar, apricot powder, coconut water, and Shea butter micro polish. A custom-blended application of Sweet Cream Body Milk + Clementine Sparkling Soak nourishes legs and feet into glowing perfection. You might just skip a little on your way out! $55!

Call us now to reserve! 410-535-6059.

jackieSummer Day-Cation Spa Package
Take a break and enjoy this Summer Spa Package designed to invigorate and recharge! This day-cation experience includes an exfoliating body polish, custom back and neck massage, signature facial and classic pedicure.  You'll be buffed and polished all over and ready for the sunshine! $260

Call us now to reserve! 410-535-6059.

Father's Day Specials
"It's A Guy Thing" Spa Package!
 Give him 90 minutes of pure, stress-free massage bliss and a MAN-icure, and he will receive a complimentary Bio-Freeze Roll-on to take home for those "back breaking, can't touch my toes" days! Make it a memorable experience - Reserve two and come with him! $135 each.

Call us now to reserve! 410-535-6059.

Gift Card Special
If you are not sure what spa treatment your dad/ hubby/ someone special would like, just give a monetary gift card! We can help him select the perfect treatment just for him!

Purchase any gift card for $100 or more, and receive a complimentary Farm House Fresh Sweet Cream Body Lotion ($26 value)! Give it to Mom or anyone else you love...maybe you!

Events at a Glance

Have you heard the news?

As we mentioned in our news last month, we will be moving to a new location and we are planning an early July opening at 128 Main Street in Prince Frederick! This has been a long-time project that is finally coming to fruition. We could not be more excited! We have lots of treats in store for you, including new treatments, customized wellness plans that will include skin care, massage therapy, nail treatments for you to look and feel your absolute best, a wonderful, comfortable atmosphere (like home without all the chores), larger treatment rooms, large duet treatment rooms, sauna therapy, light therapy, water therapy, a hair styling bar (no more "spa hair")! And much more! Be sure to watch/ like us on Facebook for up-to-date news and happenings during the month of June!

Have you joined the Jacqueline Morgan Wellness Club yet? If not, you should! Every time you spa, you will earn 1% in spa rewards!

Join Now and Start Earning Spa Dollars!

Our Favorite Things!

Coola Radical Recovery After-Sun Lotion

Save the skin you're in with this ultra-moisturizing and deep-soothing lotion (smells soo good) that uses organic Agave's natural moisture-binding mechanisms for environmental defense and calming sunburn. This miracle plant provides superior hydration and promotes collagen synthesis while offering UV protection and clinically proven relief from sunburn. Rich with organic ingredients, Radical Recovery After-Sun Lotion will nourish, repair, and keep skin youthful and naturally glowing all year long!

A soothing vitamin and antimicrobial-rich skin rejuvenator that offers natural protection from the elements.

Aloe Vera
A natural cell regenerator containing more than 200 biologically active compounds that shields the skin, keeping moisture in and pollutants out.

Lavender Oil
A calming anti-inflammatory that helps heal and repair skin that has been over-exposed to the sun.

Rosemary Extract
A refreshing and renewing toner that firms skin by reducing excess oils.

Sunflower Oil
An antioxidant that helps prevent damage caused by bright sunlight and other environmental factors such as pollution.



Spa Cuisine

Greek Yogurt Parfait

If you love chocolate, this protein smoothie will have you swooning. Besides being high in fiber and protein, you'll get a healthy dose of antioxidants as a result of the unsweetened cocoa.

1 Pear
2 Tbsp unsweetened baking cocoa powder
2 Tbsp raw oats
1 scoop organic whey protein
1 tsp cinnamon
3/4 cup water

Put ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Drink immediately.

Nutritional Value per Serving
Servings per Recipe: 1
Calories:  267
Protein: 22.3 gm / 35% of Calories
Carbohydrates:  38.9 gm / 55% of Calories
Fiber:  11.6 gm 
Fat: 2.8 gm / 10% of Calories

Ask a Therapist

Q: I have noticed dark spots and patches on my face. What can I do to lighten them up?

A: We offer many skin lightening treatments at the spa. Any of the cold laser, the Vitamin C, or the Ultimate Facials will help to lighten and brighten the skin. Start by having a consultation with a JM Day Spa Esthetician, and remember to really protect your skin from the sun!  That means re-applying your sunscreen every hour! Also, certain drugs like birth control and antibiotics will cause you to burn twice as fast. And, if you are enjoying a few alcoholic beverages while you're basking in the sun, this will cause you to burn faster also!  So think protection along with lightening treatments at the spa = less dark spots!

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